Youth Vision (Romania)

It is the coordinator of the project.

Youth Vision is a non-governmental association with the mission to improve vulnerable people’s lives by offering educational opportunities and socio-professional integration.

Association Youth Vision was born under the project “0 Discrimination, 100% Participation!” – Project funded by the Youth in Action Program in 2013.

The Association aims at identifying, debating, analyzing and solving specific problems of the local community through the development of special strategies and programs, training and consolidation associative and professional skills of citizens who want to interact with society civil society in Romania, as well as improving cooperation between NGOs / central and local public authorities local / business, and other organizations that offer activities that could contribute to the development of Constanta County in terms of economic, social, educational progress environment and culture, both at national and international level. The founding members of the Youth Vision Association are volunteers of the World Vision Foundation, who have participated in various awareness and fundraising campaigns for marginalized young people over the years in Constanta County.

Young Educators – European Association

EAYE – European Association of Young Educators – it’s a non-governmental and non-profit European Organization, based in Lisbon, Portugal.

The main goal is to promote youngsters participation in subjects such as political and civic input in local communities, national policy, European political subjects and International Affairs, in order to build active citizens in the political and social arena. Young Educators aims to encourage civic participation in youngster generations by developing good practices in dialogue between young people, creating active and dedicate citizenship, motivating the sense of initiative and participation in civil society in general.

EAYE was founded having as objectives:
-Promotion and development of educational activities targeted to children, youngsters or adults from different social backgrounds;
-Development and implementation of national and international projects focused on the promotion of
human development, active participation and non-formal education;
-Promotion of cooperation activities between public and private sector in order to facilitate the exchange of best practices, development of instruments for sustainable cooperation, increasing and consolidating the European dimension in education.

Biderbost Boscan & Rochin SL

It is an international consulting company with an outstanding track record in corporate social responsibility in the field of youth. BB&R headquarters are in Salamanca (Spain), university center of excellence in southern Europe. Their staff consists of ten young professionals from various cultures and disciplines.

BB&R have carried out projects for different international organizations (European Union, EU-LAC Foundation, InterAmerican Development Bank, United Nation Development Program, World Bank,
International Organization for Migration), NGOs (Social Ecumenical Forum) and government agencies (Spain, Brazil, Norway, Canada).

In recent years, BB&R has developed a battery of projects focusing on youth unemployment, labour market, entrepreneurship, social inclusion and political participation for disadvantaged youth. BB&R is especially focused on providing a non-formal learning environment for youth education.

Hanta Educational Services Limited (Ireland)

Hanta Associates LTD Ireland is a sub-unit of the main provider in Ireland and provides work placements, bespoke training and organizes Erasmus+ funded projects.
The objectives of Hanta are:
-Improve quality of life due to the implementation of community projects for the local community;
-Support increased operational and financial performance of the autonomous bodies and companies
providing local public services;
-Develop initiatives and public-private partnerships;
-Growth of education in the local community by implementing educational projects and offering job /
training placements to youngsters;
-Organizing seminars, workshops, consulting and market research training’s, workshops and exhibitions.

Zespol Szkol Zawodowych nr 1 (Poland)

Zespol Szkol Zawodowych Nr. 1 is a Technical Vocational School (about 1000 students) located in Biała Podlaska (a town in eastern Poland with 58,000 inhabitants, situated in the Lublin Voivodeship).

The School is considered one of the most important educational institutions in town and accredited to meet the expectations of the students and the territory. The school offers a wide range of technical and commercial vocational courses, so that they can reach a lot of different certificates.

They encourage and empower students through education, volunteerism and activism and they try to improve the quality of life by providing education, supporting and preserving the environment.

W3 Marketing Technology SRL (Romania)

It is a marketing and technology company specialized in strategy, interaction design, engineering and digital commerce.

Their mission: To contribute to positive, effective change by taking advantage of opportunities created by social networks, mobile and cloud. They work with market leaders and challengers pursuing growth by applying novel and adaptive thinking to the most ambitious business scenarios. Innovation stays at the
core of our processes as we combine cutting edge technologies with a trans-disciplinary know-how to discover the best solutions for our customers. Every single day we build e-Commerce solutions, integrate corporate infrastructures, design user interfaces, shoot beautiful pictures, dominate the search engines and social networks, create and manage relationships with top influencers, write compelling and persuasive content, innovate digital and physical products that improve people’s everyday lives.

This project is co-funded by the EU through the projects