Young people and the opportunities on the labor market!

Young people and the opportunities on the labor market!

Volunteers from the Constanta – Romanian Youth Capital program completed Job Shadowing mobility in Dublin, within an Erasmus + project

With a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity, a group of young volunteers from the Constanta – Romanian Youth Capital 2021-2022 program embarked on a journey in which they would discover new mentalities and visions, different cultures and in which to discover and overcome barriers. The young people participated between 16-25 August 2021, in the Job Shadowing mobility held in Dublin, Ireland, included in the “Shape Your Future” project, coordinated by the Youth Vision Association.

Throughout the mobility period, young Romanians, together with volunteer partners from Portugal, Poland, Spain and Ireland, combined the useful with the pleasant, participated in activities, did desk research, made presentations, created materials that will be included in IOs and also enjoyed outdoor activities, in which they discovered tourist and cultural attractions in Dublin.

The participants were divided into teams and each worked on materials to facilitate the integration of young people into the labour market. Based on the information and the exchange of experience from the 10 days of mobility, the volunteers created a guide entitled “Employability skills for young people”, which is based on the necessary communication and interview tools and which any person who wants to engage should take into account. Thus, young people have learned and put on the wallpaper the types of job interview, how to prepare for a face-to-face interview but also online and what are the essential rules to follow during a job interview, how you can improve your communication skills, how to prepare a perfect employment CV, but also some “tips & hints” that young people must take into account when presenting themselves at an interview. At the same time, the participants also made a role-play, based on two scenarios that they then staged, in which they simulated how to present yourself and how not to present yourself at a job interview, what are the most common mistakes that young people make at an interview and how communication blockages can be overcome. At the same time, the volunteers identified, following a research, what are the technical and practical skills that are lacking in young people who are looking for a job or who want to improve or retrain in the labor market. 

The project “Shape Your Future” aims at the social inclusion of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, integration into the labor market, facilitating access to educational and innovation programs and developing entrepreneurial skills. Taking into account their needs, the project will create and make available to young people from the target group, from the five partner countries, the necessary tools to enable them to develop their social, entrepreneurial and professional skills on the labour market. Among these tools we list an online platform, dedicated to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, aged between 14 and 35 years (students, unemployed), who are looking for a job or learning opportunities, but also the development of an application through which young people can receive real-time information about the opportunities existing on the labor market, materials will be uploaded and there will also be a discussion forum. 

“Shape Your Future” has an implementation period of 24 months and is funded through the Erasmus Plus program, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships.

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