The Shape Your Future platform

The Shape Your Future platform

The “Shape Your Future” platform, dedicated to the integration of young people into the labor market, developed by Youth Vision Association, with the help of the Erasmus+ programme was presented at a transnational meeting, in Dublin.

Between 25-26 November 2021, the representatives of youth vision association, the coordinator of the project “Shape Your Future” funded by the Erasmus+ programme, participated in Dublin, at the second transnational meeting of the project, a meeting where the results achieved so far within the project, the calendar of future events and, most importantly, the presentation and dissemination of the online platform “Shape Your Future” were discussed, dedicated to the integration of young people into the labor market, as well as youth workers looking for opportunities for personal and professional development. The platform was developed with the support and involvement of the partner countries in the project – Portugal, Spain, Poland and Ireland.

During the two days of meetings, the project management team analyzed
the content of the platform, pointing out the importance and the need for
explicit, well-structured, quality and easily identified content by beneficiaries, young people and youth workers looking for a job or opportunities for professional and personal development. Another important topic discussed was related to the identification and planning of a local event for the official launch of the platform among the community, so that each partner must think about activities or events online or offline, dedicated to the target group, in order to ensure the greatest visibility of the platform and the project in the community.

The platform offers the possibility for users (young people, youth
workers, as well as employers, companies, NGOs and public institutions) to
create an account, to access all employment opportunities and all the time, to create a CV, and then to receive notifications according to the selected options and, at the same time, job advertisements, internships, etc., which will be promoted, can be uploaded.

The platform will be officially launched at the end of December 2021,
during which we are preparing another surprise, an application on mobile, which will be connected to the platform. At the same time, within the project “Shape Your Future”, the Youth Vision Association will organize, in March 2022, the third Job Shadowing activity with young volunteers in Salamanca, Spain.

The project “Shape Your Future” aims at the social inclusion of young
people from disadvantaged backgrounds, integration into the labor market, facilitating access to educational and innovation programs and developing entrepreneurial skills. Taking into account their needs, the project provides young people from the target group from the five partner countries with an online platform and an application through which to find a job and develop their social, entrepreneurial and professional skills on the labor market. “Shape Your Future” has an implementation period of 24 months and is funded through the
Erasmus Plus program, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships.

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