The young Romanian volunteers stood out in Portugal, during the Job Shadowing mobility

The young Romanian volunteers stood out in Portugal, during the Job Shadowing mobility

With a lot of courage, enthusiasm and curiosity, a group of four young volunteers from the Youth Vision Association embarked on a journey in which they would discover new mentalities and visions, different personalities, different cultures and in which to discover and overcome limits and barriers. The four daredevils participated between May 7-18, 2021, in the Job Shadowing mobility, held in Portugal, in Lisbon, included in the “Shape Your Future” project.

Throughout the mobility period, young Romanians, together with volunteers from Portugal (EAYE – European Association of Young Educators), Ireland (Educational Services Limited) and Spain (Biderbost Boscan & Rochin Sl) combined the useful with the pleasant, participated in activities, did deskresearch, made presentations, created materials that will be included in IOs and also enjoyed outdoor activities, in which they discovered the tourist and cultural attractions of Lisbon.

Participants were divided into teams, one of the teams tasked with creating a social media and job search course that focused on using social networks to find a job and provide basic knowledge on the subject, as well as some videos and book recommendations that can be used to deepen the topic and put into practice what you already know. The course was structured in three modules. In the first part, the young people provided some general information about social networks, the main differences between the most famous types of existing social networks and how companies use them. The second part of the course focused on using social media to find a job. In particular, young people found out what are the most useful social networks to find a job, what are the best practices to use them effectively and how to look for jobs on social networks, and the third and last part came with tips and recommendations for using social media in search of a job.

Another course created by young people during mobility was entitled “Personal skills” and focused on relevant skills and useful tools for English language learners.

At the same time, the participants learned how to set up a business, how to show the business plan, how to promote the business and how to manage it.

The participants identified, following a research, which are the skills that young people who are looking for a job or who want to improve or retrain in the field of work are missing. They fall into two categories: technical and practical skills and personal and human skills (IT, communication, teamworking, management, etc.).

At the same time, the participants made a presentation about May 9, Europe Day, but also about the program Constanța – Capital of Youth in Romania 2021-2022.

The “Shape Your Future” project started from the common need to create a space for young people and youth workers, in which they can find opportunities for personal and professional development. The volunteers identified and created the necessary tools to enable young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, the target group of the project, to develop their social, entrepreneurial and professional skills in the labor market, as well as an online platform to bring them, in the same place, employers, NGOs, institutions and local authorities, but also young people who are looking for a job or various internship and volunteering opportunities, but also an application through which young people can receive real-time information about opportunities in the market work.

The materials will be adapted for each sector of activity of the partners – private, public or civil.

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